Maharaja Whiteline Coolz+ Desert Air Cooler(White, 55 Litres)


Rs 10549

The Indian Maharajas are known to have luxurious lives. They had the power to change the weather in your homes to fit their comfort and that of their guest. Living on the same principle, brand Maharaja wanted to invent pocket friendly coolers that function as good as an air conditioner for people who cannot afford that kind of technology. The Maharaja Whiteline Coolz + Desert Cooler is an excellent product to bring home this summer. It is sure to capture you attention on the shelf with its beautiful design and a 55 litre capacity. It has a four way high cooling capacity that is enhanced with an aroma technology to not only cool your room but also calm your senses. The low noise feature makes it an ideal for the bedroom to get a peaceful sleep while the world tosses in sweat on a hot summer night.

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